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A SPUDGUN is a simple device made usually from plastic water pipe, designed to launch/shoot/lob a potato or similar object a long way, farther than you could probably throw it, to distances exceeding 300 yards. This maximum range is highly debatable, but in this context (and the entire site, unless otherwise noted) the projectile will be a run-o-the-mill POTATO, non frozen, no chemical modification, and no densification via foreign objects. To shoot such potato any greater distance would require a 'super potato' given that a potato is inherently a LOUSY projectile, as its density is rather low. High muzzle velocities are easily obtained but they sure slow down in a hurry!

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Spud's Pizza Spud’s Pizza – Fresh, Delicious and Healthy™ is a unique new product, in that it features whole wheat dough and potato toppings in America’s favorite food. Andrew W. Beretvas, the founder of Spud's Pizza, realized that few operators, if any, addressed the needs of the health-conscious, more aware consumer, with a lighter, healthier pizza. In researching the market in depth, Andrew also found that though potatoes are America's favorite vegetables, few pizzerias ever used potatoes in their fares.

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