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Australia's Parilla Premium Potatoes
offers seasonal employment in potato harvest

Baked Potato Survey critics choice of Scottish baked potato shops

Belgian Fries Website

Big Spud.com links to potato recipes by type and cooking tips

Bonzai Potato

British Potato Council

European Association for Potato Research

France's CNIPT est le Comité National Interprofessionnel de la Pomme de Terre.

French Potato Website

French Website Honoring the historic potato community of Saint-Alban d'Ay: The potato was known under the name of truffole, and it is about 1540, in our High-Vivarais, on the territory of the village of Saint-Alban d'Ay, hamlet of Bécuze, at three miles of Annonay, that this tuber was sown the first time in the Kingdom, having been imported by a monk franciscain of Tolède in Spain, named Pierre Sornas, native of Bécuze, which very old had been withdrawn in his family...In La Truffole en France by Charles du Faure de Saint Sylvestre- 1785

German Potato Museum

Global Potato News

Idaho (USA) Potato Commission

Idaho Potato Expo

International Potato Center

Irish Potato Famine history

Kartoffelmuseum Munchen

Maine (USA) Potato Board

Netherlands Potato Consultative Foundation.

features several pages on history, uses and social influence of the potato

Potato Association of America

Potato Bowl North Dakota, USA football game and week long festival


Potato Festivals:



----Alliston (Ontario, Canada) Potato Festival

----Barnesville (Minnesota, USA) Potato Days

----Grand-Sault / Grand Falls (New Brunswick, Canada) Potato Festival

----Maine Potato Blossom Festival

----Manhattan (Montana, USA) Potato Festival

----Munger (Michigan) Potato Festival

----North Carolina Potato Festival

----Posen (Michigan) Potato Festival

----Spring Valley (Ohio, USA) Potato Festival

---Wayland (New York) Potato Festival

PotatoHelp.com tips for cooks, students etc.

Potato Gardening tips and how to

Potato Grower online magazine.

Potato History

Prince Edward Island (Canada) Potato Museum

South Africa Potatoes

Spud Gun Technology Center
A SPUDGUN is a simple device made usually from plastic water pipe, designed to launch/shoot/lob a potato or similar object a long way, farther than you could probably throw it, to distances exceeding 300 yards. This maximum range is highly debatable, but in this context (and the entire site, unless otherwise noted) the projectile will be a run-o-the-mill POTATO, non frozen, no chemical modification, and no densification via foreign objects. To shoot such potato any greater distance would require a 'super potato' given that a potato is inherently a LOUSY projectile, as its density is rather low. High muzzle velocities are easily obtained but they sure slow down in a hurry!

Spud's Life potatoes: from seed to table

Spudman Magazine

Spud's Pizza Spud’s Pizza – Fresh, Delicious and Healthy™ is a unique new product, in that it features whole wheat dough and potato toppings in America’s favorite food. Andrew W. Beretvas, the founder of Spud's Pizza, realized that few operators, if any, addressed the needs of the health-conscious, more aware consumer, with a lighter, healthier pizza. In researching the market in depth, Andrew also found that though potatoes are America's favorite vegetables, few pizzerias ever used potatoes in their fares.

Spud Trivia from Spud's Pizza

United States Potato Board

Washington State (USA) potatoes

World Potato Congress