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SpudsUlogo400pxSpuds Unearthed!  

May 15-October 17, 2010

A collaboration between
The Potato Museum and
the U.S. Botanic Garden


Photo credits:
top left - CIP, International Potato Center
right - The Potato Museum



Why the potato?

Neither “humble,” nor “lowly,” the potato has traveled widely, stimulated scientific research, erased famine, delighted cook and diner alike, influenced popular culture, inspired artists, and changed history. Lauded as the “world's most important vegetable,” it produces more nourishing food per acre than any other planted crop. 

The tuber’s tale begins in the Andes region of South America, 8000 years ago. Visitors will explore the potato’s travels, how it grows, its influence on history, art, popular culture, and cuisine, as well as controversies surrounding the potato.  Both the unraveling of the potato genome and the mystery of the origins of Late Blight are on display, too.